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Hot List

The Hot List is a gathering of websites that I enjoy visiting (some more than others). Check them out and let me know which are your favorite!


My YouTube Channel
My gaming channel on YouTube. This is my primary streaming channel, since it also saves all my streams, unlike Twitch.
My Twitch Channel
My gaming chanel on Twitch. This is my secondary streaming channel. I set it up due to it being the biggest streaming service, as well as having others who only use Twitch. This way, I can have the best of both worlds.
This is the site I use to multistream to both YouTube and Twitch. The service is free to use, but it limits you to one channel per platform (which is ok by me).


The Internet Archive
This web site is awesome! They archive older versions of websites, so you can see what older sites looked like back in the days of Web 1.0! They also archive old music, software and books!
If you want to browse the Web like it's 1999, download and install SeaMonkey! SeaMonkey is a free and open-source Internet suite that is a continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, which itself grew out of Netscape Communicator.


Netrunner is a two-player asymmetric card game set in a dystopian future where four megacorporations control almost every aspect of daily life. Legendary hackers known as "runners" aim to fight the corps' influence by hacking into their servers and preventing them from advancing their sinister agendas. And yes, the game is as awesome as it sounds!
Looking to play Netrunner but don't have anyone to play it with? Have no fear! Jinteki is here! And it's FREE!


Dream Theater
The kings of progressive metal, and my favorite band!
Van Halen
The ultimate rock band!
The supreme rock power trio!

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